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more about us...

We are Uni-Ma. A female vocal duo, we bring Electro soul with ethnic vibes.

Vocal harmonies that lay on beats that's made of chains, children’s toys, Tin can, samples of our voices and basically everything can get inside the beat. We are now in the final stage of recording our album (mix &mastering) produced by Ron Bakal (Shiran) and we want to find the right home/lable for our music.

We create music from a strong female voice that we believe is important and necessary. We write from our agenda that speaks out critical point of view of society and of ourselves.

In our shows we engage the audience so they become part of the beat as well, we believe it connects people to the music in another  level. 

Currently we are finishing our Album and performing around Israel with our show, also we took part in the tv show “The voice Israel”.  

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